Online service platform for anti-trafficking stakeholders. Its purpose is for NGOs to find new partners, encourage them to work together by giving them the tools to do so, facilitate new constructive professional relationships, share information and research, and build a long-term network of support and cooperation for investigation, legal consultation and victim care.

Getting Started

Registration is simple: You only need give us the basics about you and your organisation and we will do the vetting work.

Dashboard and Community Newsfeed

Once you have an account, your dashboard is the central area for accessing all tools of the platform. You can see a social feed of recent activities shared by other users, comment and publish your own posts to share with the community.

Partner Finder and Messaging

Every user and member organisation worldwide is searchable on Freedom Collaborative. Their profiles display all the information they provide on their available services and you can send them a message immediately to start working with them.

Community Resources

Content shared by the community should not be lost. Everything published on the platform can be searched through by various criteria at any time.


Freedom Collaborative is a partnership project between Liberty Asia and Chab Dai. Liberty Asia is changing the way slavery and trafficking is addressed by leveraging technology and expertise. Chab Dai, for the past decade, has built a network of organisations on the frontline to end all forms of abuse and exploitation through knowledge sharing and collaboration. Freedom Collaborative is the product of this natural partnership.

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