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Many changes to society, industry and government are needed before slavery and exploitation are ended. One weakness that needs addressing immediately, which is crucial to any chance of success, is to encourage and develop collaboration from the bottom up, driven by those on the frontline.

Freedom Collaborative is an online community platform that unites anti-human trafficking stakeholders from around the world. It provides a space to identify, meet, share and use tools and resources for improving and aiding the care of victims and the fight to end modern slavery and exploitation across civil society, private sector, and academia.

Freedom Collaborative is a project by Liberty Global, of Share (Asia Pacific) Limited.

Freedom Collaborative hosts, manages, shares, and disseminates relevant knowledge, and facilitates connections and networking around fighting modern slavery. It is a hub of critical information and resources on anti-trafficking programs and a mechanism through which NGOs, academics, industry experts, and potential partners can connect and share their expertise - thus improving the effectiveness of efforts.



The newsfeed is the list of stories in the middle of your home page. You can post news articles and resources, questions for the FC community, and promote opportunities, including job vacancies, events and grants. You can filter the newsfeed by topic and country.


The directory hosts the list of organisations and groups registered on the platform. You can search for organisations and potential partners by location and focus area, view their profiles to learn more, and send private messages.


Our resource library includes research papers and programmatic and legal resources. You can search by topic, country, or type of resource. We regularly update the library with resources that FC members send us or post on the newsfeed.


Freedom Collaborative produces webinars on industry, regional or practical topics, and publishes guidance documents with community members. You can listen to the webinars live, or access them at any time under the Resources tab.


The Legal Impact Hub is a platform and community on Freedom Collaborative for NGOs, law firms, corporations, the judiciary and other stakeholders across Southeast Asia to develop the use of legal/regulatory mechanisms that address human trafficking in Asia, and to identify better methods for prosecution.



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