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One connected global anti-trafficking community.


Many changes to society, industry and government are needed before slavery and exploitation are ended. One weakness that needs addressing immediately, which is crucial to any chance of success, is to encourage and develop collaboration from the bottom up, driven by those on the frontline.


We create the tools to enable and build collaboration among stakeholders working to end human trafficking.

We aim to help members share their experience, conduct original research to deepen the collective understanding of trafficking trends and effective counter initiatives, create opportunities to identify and connect with partners, and build capacity to design, develop, and implement impactful programs.


Once you have an account, your dashboard is the central area for accessing all tools of the platform. View a social feed of recent activities shared by other users, comment, and publish your own posts to share with the community.


Every user and member organisation worldwide is searchable on the platform. Their profiles display all the information they provide on their available services and you can send them a message immediately to start working with them.


The platform hosts libraries of best practice, training and knowledge materials and access to an extensive collection of research, programmatic and legal resources.

We bring together organisations and practitioners from around the world, to improve their communication and to facilitate information sharing in anti-trafficking.

Since February 2016, Freedom Collaborative has been a place to identify, meet, share and use tools and resources for improving and aiding the care of victims and the fight to end modern slavery and exploitation.

The Partnership

Liberty Asia is changing the way slavery and tracking is addressed by leveraging technology and expertise. Chab Dai, for the past decade, has built a network of organisations on the frontline to end all forms of abuse and exploitation through knowledge sharing and collaboration. Freedom Collaborative is the product of this partnership.

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