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One connected global anti-trafficking community.

Freedom Collaborative is an online, community-based platform, which brings anti-trafficking organizations and stakeholders from around the world together.

It provides the space to identify and meet key partners, as well as discuss and share resources for improving and facilitating the work of each organization in the fight to end human trafficking together. 


To facilitate collaborative learning and deeper engagement among stakeholders working to end human trafficking through an accessible, online platform.

We aim to help users share their knowledge, conduct original research to deepen our collective understanding of trafficking trends and effective counter initiative, create opportunities to identify and connect with partners, and build capacity to design, develop, and implement impactful programs.


Once logged into FC, the Newsfeed page is the landing page for users. This is a space for people to post news articles, pose a question for the FC community, and share information regarding a myriad of topics, such as legal and political developments, research, and upcoming developments.


This page hosts the list of organisations registered on the platform. Users can use search for organisations and potential partners, and also send messages to others through our Private Messaging Tool.


Freedom Collaborative has resources on a variety of anti-trafficking topics helpful to users and organisations. Our library has over 1,800 research, programmatic and legal resources, as well as archives of all our previous Discussion Questions and Webinars.


Freedom Collaborative celebrated our one-year anniversary in February 2017! Since our launch last year, we have had over 2,200 individuals and 480 organizations across 53 countries join the Freedom Collaborative community! In light of this celebration, we partnered with A21 Campaign, Childline Thailand Foundation, UNACT, and NightLight in Thailand to create a video about the importance of collaboration. Please watch the following video to hear from those addressing the very real needs on the ground through partnership.

The Partnership

Liberty Asia is changing the way slavery and tracking is addressed by leveraging technology and expertise. Chab Dai, for the past decade, has built a network of organisations on the frontline to end all forms of abuse and exploitation through knowledge sharing and collaboration. Freedom Collaborative is the product of this partnership.


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