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What is Freedom Collaborative?

Freedom Collaborative is an online community that connects anti-human trafficking stakeholders around the world. It provides a space to identify and meet partners, to discuss trends and developments, and to share resources to facilitate each actor's work. We also host regular webinars and produce guidance documents with our community members.

The platform is accessible across all devices with an internet connection.

How do I sign up my organisation?

Use your email (preferably your work email) and a password to create a personal account and to access the platform. You can then make a page for your organization by going to your profile and clicking "ADD/JOIN ORGANISATION." Feel free to upload documents relating to your organisation’s establishment, and any best practice documents you want to share.

Is payment required?

No! But every user is required to adhere to the terms and conditions, and the guidelines for use contained in these FAQs. We expect users to be courteous to others at all times.

Are there terms and conditions?

Yes. Please ensure that you read the terms and conditions prior to deciding to use the Site. They can be found at the very bottom of the page on FC.

Why should I (and my organization) trust the other NGOs on the platform, as I may not know them?

We have required all organisations using the site to provide documentation showing their proper establishment and constitution, and descriptions of their capabilities and services. These materials are visible to all users. We accept no responsibility or liability for the accuracy of any materials provided and made available by other users.

We also ask users to provide references and we perform certain due diligence processes to confirm that organisations are genuine, HOWEVER we do not accept any responsibility or liability for the quality of work provided or performed by any user organization and accept no responsibility or liability for the consequences of any collaboration.

The decision to communicate and work with another user or users is solely at your own discretion and completely your own responsibility. We do not accept any liability or responsibility for your decision to use the Site, communications with other users and any consequences of any work with another user or users.

We reserve the right at all times to restrict or prohibit access to and/or use of the Site for any user.

Who gets the most out of FC in my organisation? And why?

Freedom Collaborative is designed to give you more information about what is happening in your industry or region, and who can help. It has been built to support and encourage sharing, partnership and cooperation. We hope it will help us make better operational and strategic decisions by learning from each other, and from resources available. To this extent, Freedom Collaborative is for those making decisions and those responsible to decision-makers.

Freedom Collaborative is also very much for less experienced team members who wish to get a broader understanding of the environment in which they are work, learn and share better practices and problem solving.

Who can see my profile? Which of my actions are public?

Your personal profile and organisation profiles are visible to all Freedom Collaborative members. Activities on the newsfeed and resources, postings and comments, are visible to everyone in the community. Use the private messaging for private communication.

What should I post on the newsfeed?

We provide 9 content tags under which a user can post on the newsfeed - news, law enforcement, laws and regulations, political developments, research, events, grants, opportunities, and ask anything. You can also tag posts with their location, which can be searched by country.

We encourage users to inform each other of critical information that can assist in better overall decision making, and to also introduce each other to a broader range of ideas and subjects.

Feel free to ask questions and promote your work or any job postings, events or opportunities that you know of.

Under the research tag, we encourage you to post a short summary of the paper and add the link; your post will be automatically added to the research library and be searchable there.

You can ‘tag’ users and/or organisations in posts and comments of posts that might be relevant for them, or that address them. Type ‘@’ and their name and select it from the list that pops up. Users then get an email notification that they have been mentioned.

Who can see my messages to other users?

Under normal conditions, only a user and the other user(s) determined to be recipients of the message can read the contents.

However as administrators of the Site, we are able to access messages if the need arises, like in the case of a complaint, or where we believe there is suspicious activity.

Can I use Freedom Collaborative in other languages?

The platform language is English, but you can write in any language you wish on the newsfeed or in private messages!

Can I add to the resource library?

You may add a resource by posting it to the newsfeed. You may also contact us directly via email or message.

How do I comment about the Site?

You may email us via the contact email under the user account menu, or email us at support@freedomcollaborative.org

How do I terminate my profile and use?

You may terminate your profile and further use on the Site by emailing us at support@freedomcollaborative.org